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Buying a home? It is probably one of the most expensive purchase decisions that you'll ever make. A decision to use U.S.House Detectives for your residential inspection is a step in the right direction. Almost 11 years serving our community. 11 years serving folks just like You.

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It's all about making good sound choices start with a geat team: A great lender, a great RE Agent who can guide and assist you in finding your dream home and the right value. A residential inspection by US House Detectives is a critical player in a winning team. This combination will help you make the best decisions.

11 Years. Family owned. Family operated.

11 years ago, we had a vision: provide a personal approach, to a very personal event--home buying. Provide the best, most up-to-date expertise in a way that informs, guides, and helps our clients and their team to make the best decisions. USHD-- We Inspect. Detect and Protect our client's best interest.


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It's time to make the call... You should Call The Authority on Residential Inspections. U.S. House Detectives. We're ready and waiting for you.