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We provide you and your agent with candid insight about a home's true condition, maintenance tips and time critical information needed to put you in the best position to negotiate. U.S House Detectives helps you to make better & more informed choices about a property. Our goal is to help you and your team get the best quality at the best value for your most valuable investment.

We Notice the Little Things


At U.S House Detectives, we know how much of a critical role that a quality home inspection can play in the purchase decision making process. We are subject matter experts in this field and take the matter of paying attention to details  very seriously. We are committed to uncovering the potentially expensive problems that may impact your future ownership experience. We are House Detectives by nature not just by name.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


We are a family owned and operated business celebrating our 13th year performing Home Inspections in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area . We undergo extensive certification training,  maintain our knowledge standards by continuing education and monitor industry innovations regularly. We also integrate some of today's cutting edge technology into our standard practices. As a family owned business, we understand the importance and significance that peace of mind plays in this decision. Therefore, we conduct each inspection as if it were for our own family. 


Our Services

Residential Home Inspections


Residential Home Inspections include all of the major components of a property and over 200 points in between. Interior & Exterior Walls, Roof & Attic, Basement/Foundation or Crawlspace, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Systems, Windows & Doors,  Appliances and Fixtures, Decks and Grounds...and of course- the Kitchen Sink...with all of the details contained in a digital formatted report.

If the need arises, we can also perform Mold, Radon Gas, and Lead Paint tests.

New Construction Inspections


When having a new home built or purchasing a newly built home, logic dictates that this should turn out perfectly. However, mistakes in construction do happen. Let U.S. House detectives be that trusted adviser and inspect the project at critical stages or before taking your final walk-thru. That's when our team can bring our knowledge and observation skills to bear on your behalf. We provide you with the details of any issues that may require review for repair or replacement. 

Lender Draw Inspections


Our Draw Inspection Services can document each step of your dream construction project providing Budget Review, Feasibility Assessments, Quality Progress Reports & Photos. We evaluate each project as an opportunity to partner with you and help mitigate your potential risks and challenges.

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